[R-sig-Geo] mapView: basic interactive viewing of spatial data in R

MAURICIO ZAMBRANO BIGIARINI mauricio.zambrano at ufrontera.cl
Fri Jul 24 16:52:18 CEST 2015

On 24 July 2015 at 09:26, Edzer Pebesma <edzer.pebesma at uni-muenster.de> wrote:
> Hi Tim, thanks for starting the discussion.

Thanks Tim for this nice implementation and to all of you for this
very interesting discussion.

> I started a similar discussion (off-list, with package maintainers) for
> the case where google map or openstreetmap maps are used as background
> in map plots created in R, support for which is now scattered over
> ggmap::get_map, RgoogleMaps::GetMap, dismo::gmap and
> https://github.com/hadley/rastermap. (on r-forge, sp::plot and
> sp::spplot can now deal with these, see sp::demo(webmap)).

by the way Edzer, the sp::demo(webmap) din't work for me with  sp_1.1-1:

demo(meuse)    # working
demo(webmap) # not working

could you tell me what I'm doing wrong ?

Thanks in advance,

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