[R-sig-Geo] error stacking rasters from list in R on Linux

joke atuge jazzpriestess2000 at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 20 18:31:22 CEST 2015

 Hello I am having issues stacking my rasters from list before I create raster time series. When I do this directly in the R environment using sample data, it works out fine. However, once I send it in as a script to run on the HPC I get the following error:Error in x[[1]] : subscript out of bounds
Calls: stack -> stack -> .local
Execution halted
THe codes prior to this error are: FunR<-function(r){
EC<-extent(-20, 60,0,30)
s <- raster(nrow=600, ncol=1000,extent(-18,20,2,30))
Ds <- resample(D3, s, method='bilinear')
 ###Create rasters and crop
DL5<-stack(DL4) .... (error occurs after this line)
How do I get ride of this, please? In addition, how do I get rid of files on my list that are totally NA. I suspect this may be an issue too.Regards,Ajoke
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