[R-sig-Geo] A question about the estimated standard errors in SPGWR package

Apostolos Tsimpanos atsiban at unipi.gr
Tue Jul 14 17:37:33 CEST 2015


Dear List


I have a simple question about the estimated standard errors obtained from
the gwr command in SPGWR package. I run a  GWR  regression y~x 


In the data frame 


there are two estimated standard errors for the x coefficients denoted as
x_se and x_se_EDF. 

What is the difference between x_se and x_se_EDF and what is the best for
use, the former or the latter? The manual lacks information about this.

If I am not confused I think that the difference should be in the
approximation of hat matrix  that is  x_se  uses s^2 with approximation
whereas x_se_EDF not.

I would appreciate any help.


Thanks in advance


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