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I'm not so deeply familiar with spsample that I know of a way to do this

However, I think it would be pretty easy to use spsample to first obtain
more points than needed, then calculate all the distances from the center,
then use the base::sample function to select a weighted sample, with
weights based on the distance from the center (see the prob argument to


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>following the example found in SpeciesDistributionModelling, a given
>of points is drawn randomly within a circle:
>x <- circles(pts, d=50000, lonlat=T, col='light gray')
># sample randomly from all circles
>> samp1 <- spsample(x at polygons, 250, type='random', iter=25)
>Is there a way to specify weigths decreasing from the circle center, so
>that random points are most likely near it?
>thanks ,
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