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roberto.barbetti at entecra.it roberto.barbetti at entecra.it
Wed Jul 8 18:04:20 CEST 2015

    Dear list,

   I have a question regarding Predicting soil types using spmultinom function

   on GSIF package. At the end of the tutorial_eberg.R script we get an spatialpixeldataframe object

   eberg_sm <- spmultinom(formulaString, eberg.xy, eberg_spc at predicted)

   eberg_sm at class.c

   ## plot memberships:

   pal = seq(0, 1, 1/50)

   spplot(eberg_sm at mu, at=pal, col.regions=rev(grey(pal)))

   # classes predicted:

   Ls = length(levels(eberg_sm at predicted$soiltype))

   pnts = list("sp.points", eberg.xy, pch="+", cex=.6, col="black")

   spplot(eberg_sm at predicted, col.regions=rainbow(Ls)[rank(runif(Ls))], sp.layout=pnts)

   the information on soil type reside in eberg_sm at predicted but I can't correctly export them as asciigrid file, because every soilclass is considered as a separate band

   thanks for your help


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