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Fri Aug 7 11:31:49 CEST 2015

Hi all,
I want to do spectral analysis on the attached data set on Cd15( cadmium
taken from 15 cm soil depth) I use the following commands to check
anisotropy and it seems that there is no anisotropy. But, I am much
confused about how to fit wave variogram model for my data set so that I
can use it for interpolation. There is no much literature available on
periodic variogram and further analysis.
variogram(Cd15~XCORD+YCORD,mt, alpha=c(0,45,90,135))
plot(variogram(Cd15~XCORD+YCORD,mt, alpha=c(0,45,90,135)),type="b")

Please suggest any solution for this.
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