[R-sig-Geo] function to convert to/from U.S. State Plane Coordinates?

Waichler, Scott R Scott.Waichler at pnnl.gov
Tue Sep 17 01:48:55 CEST 2013

Ok, now I know about the existence of EPSG codes, but apparently my rgdal installation can't find the list of them?  Do I need to find a certain file in my system's PROJ4 installation, then tell that to rgdal?

> library(maps)
> library(rgdal)
> pnw <- map('state', region = c('washington', 'oregon', 'idaho'), plot=F)
> epsg <- make_EPSG()
Error in make_EPSG() : Error opening epsg file
> pnw.spc <- spTransform(pnw, CRS=CRS("+init=epsg:102749"))
Error in spTransform(pnw, CRS = CRS("+init=epsg:102749")) :
  error in evaluating the argument 'CRSobj' in selecting a method for function 'spTransform': Error in CRS("+init=epsg:102749") : no system list, errno: 13


> try following the instructions
> here http://www.gpsmeter.com/index.php?page=faq14 to find an epsg code
> then something along the lines of
> spTransform(data, CRS=CRS("+init=epsg:xxx"))
> should work?
> On 17 September 2013 00:09, Waichler, Scott R <Scott.Waichler at pnnl.gov>
> wrote:
> Erin, thanks, I'm getting closer.  Rgdal's projInfo() lists UTM, which I
> believe is closely related to the State Plane Coordinate system, but I
> still don't see a direct transformation to SPC in R.  --Scott Waichler
> > Could you mean spTransform from rgdal, please?
> >
> > Hi,  Does an R function exist to convert to and from the State Plane
> > Coordinates system used in the U.S.?  My search with Rseek was
> fruitless.

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