[R-sig-Geo] SP 1.0-12 install error

Alex Mandel tech_dev at wildintellect.com
Wed Sep 4 20:38:52 CEST 2013

I ran into trouble because I needed to add Rgdal (someone had forgotten
to install it) to an existing 2.15 server and it wanted sp newer than
1.0 but I had 0.9.x. Upgrading this particular machine to 3 was too
risky and would involve verifying all the other running packages could
be upgraded.

For many of my machines I do track the CRAN debs for R updates but not
on deployed servers where an accidental upgrade could break R web
services that are running or long standing analysis code being used by

So yes it would be good if I had gotten the warning in R or saw it in
some news or changelog somewhere. I don't think there's any particular
need to revert as long as people are aware of the issue and the way to
work around it.


On 09/04/2013 03:35 AM, Edzer Pebesma wrote:
> Thanks, you are right, sp 1.0-12 depends on R 3.0.0 but claims it
> doesn't.
> Ubuntu users are very well served by binary updates of R releases, see
> for instance http://cran.at.r-project.org/bin/linux/ubuntu/
> If the list considers this as an annoyance, let me know, it's not a
> big deal to convert back to pre 3.0.0 syntax (for some time).
> On 09/03/2013 09:40 PM, Alex Mandel wrote:
>> I was getting an error today installing/upgrading sp.
>> Error in setClass("CRS", slots = c(projargs = "character"),
>> prototype = list(projargs = character(1)),  : unused argument(s)
>> (slots = c(projargs = "character")) Error : unable to load R code
>> in package ‘sp’ ERROR: lazy loading failed for package ‘sp’
>> I tried uninstalling/reinstalling, using a different mirror, doing
>> it system-wide vs just for my user etc... Then I noticed that
>> 1.0-12 was released only a few days ago, so I downloaded the
>> archived version of 1.0-11 and the install works. 
>> http://cran.r-project.org/src/contrib/Archive/sp/
>> R is 2.15.3 on Ubuntu 12.04
>> Is there a bug in the package or does the new sp require R>3?
>> Thanks, Alex
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