[R-sig-Geo] Problem with gdalinfo in landsat package

Matteo Mattiuzzi matteo.mattiuzzi at boku.ac.at
Wed Jun 12 23:13:37 CEST 2013

Just a guess, open a terminal and type gdalinfo is the command not known install gdal-bin.
sudo apt-get install gdal-bin


Alexandre Santos <alexandresantosbr at yahoo.com.br> schrieb:

>Dear members list,
>��� I
>try to subset a Landsat geotiff image with the lssub(
>) function in
>a landasat package, but always done: gdalinfo: not found error. I make:
>"subimage.tif", centerx = 773810, centery = 7841515,
>centerepsg=29193,widthx = 100, widthy = 100)
>1: gdalinfo: not found 
>in system(paste("gdalinfo ", filename, sep = ""),
>intern = TRUE)  
>are any member group that uses the landsat package that helps me. I
>use Ubuntu OS Ubuntu 12.04 and R 3.0.0
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