[R-sig-Geo] projectRaster() to Goode Homolosine

Birgit Mannig birgit.mannig at uni-wuerzburg.de
Tue Jun 4 18:27:19 CEST 2013

Dear all,

I tried to project a Raster file (orignal projection: UTM) to a file  
in the Goode projection.
The re-projection with proj4 was obviosly not correct, neither was a  
re-projection from a geographical lon/lat file.
Does anyone know if this is a general problem with R/proj4?

Otherwise, I might have produced a faulty raster file. I used the USGS  
Global Ecosystem Data (http://edc2.usgs.gov/glcc/globdoc2_0.php),  
provided as raw binary, and had to create the Raster myself:

ny <- 17347
nx <- 40031
goge <-  
values(goge) <- binfromFTP

Although the created Raster File looked good to me naturally the error  
could still occur in this step.

Afterwards I just used:
projectRaster(infile,goge, method="ngb")

Any hints are very much appreciated!

Kind regards,

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