[R-sig-Geo] Multiple datasets with coordinates

kevin.morelle at ulg.ac.be kevin.morelle at ulg.ac.be
Mon Apr 15 12:52:11 CEST 2013

This worked for me but I only tried with ggplot:

1°) add a colum "$type" to your differents dataset to discriminate them
2°) join then your datasets in one dataframe (rbind)
3°) then in ggmap use "fill=type", so as: ggmap(al1) + geom_point(data=points, aes(size = 4, fill=type))

Hope it works,


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Hi group,
Trying to plot with ggplot2 different datasets of coordinats inside the
same chart.

Till now I can plot

ggmap(al1) + geom_point(data=points,colour="red", size = 4)

where points are tables

lon    lat

41.00   19.02

but I need to add other sets of points(tables of coordinates)

lon    lat

41.00   19.02

...     .....

with other colors in the same chart.Is that possible?

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