[R-sig-Geo] Help with ENFA in R

JonathanAronson jagaronson at gmail.com
Tue Apr 9 21:51:33 CEST 2013

Hi Mathieu

Thank you so much for your quick response. I really appreciate the effort
and thank you for your answers.

I am now using the AdehabitatHS package but still have some questions.

1) I am not sure what (renfa$expvar), (renfa$pvalue) and (renfa$obs) are
actually telling me in the output. I have copied the output below:

    Std.Obs Expectation    Variance 
  45.557688    7.316997   11.538948 
> (renfa$pvalue)
[1] 0.001
> (renfa$obs)
[1] 162.072

2) because i am using AdehabitatHS do I not need the following line of code

map<- as.kasc(list(bio_01 = var1, bio_12 = var2, Aridity = var3, altitude =
var4, unpalatable = var5, thicket = var6, succulent = var7, shrubland =
var8, rainforest = var9, mosaic = var10, mopane = var11, misavanna = var12,
hydro = var13, fynbos = var14, desert = var15))
enfatest<- data2enfa(map, test)

3) I also got two error messages:

> image(enfatest1)
Error in image.default(enfatest1) : 'z' must be a matrix

> niche.test(map, test, nrepet = 999, o.include = FALSE)
Warning messages:
1: In hist.default(x, plot = FALSE, br = xbr, freq = FALSE) :
  argument ‘freq’ is not made use of
2: In hist.default(y, plot = FALSE, br = ybr, freq = FALSE) :
  argument ‘freq’ is not made use of

Mathieu, could you please provide some assistance with these questions?
Thank you

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