[R-sig-Geo] Spatial autocorrelation

Ravichandra MONDRETI Ravichandra.MONDRETI at cefe.cnrs.fr
Tue Oct 30 17:27:34 CET 2012

Dear all,

I have very recently started using R for analysing my spatial data. Is
there any way to split the main transect in to smaller ones to check for
autocorrelation at various lags or intervals.  For example, I am trying
to split the main transect (approximately of 20Km in length) consisting
of count data in to 3Km,5Km,10Km intervals and  perform the spatial
autocorrelation using R. Can we calculate the end points of the
Geographic coordinates (Latitude and Longitude) of the smaller transects
using that of the main transect. The time interval for each main
transect is 1 Hour or 60 minutes. My data looks like the following 

Obsevation No   Transect Id   Latitude  Longitude .........
     1                                XYZ 

Please someone help me with this.

Thanks in advance,


Ravichandra Mondreti
PhD student/ Doctorant
Spatial Population Ecology Team
1919, route de Mende
F-34293 Montpellier Cedex 05

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