[R-sig-Geo] splm - bsktest CLMmu cannot find if panel is balanced

Patrick Meyfroidt patrick.meyfroidt at uclouvain.be
Tue Oct 16 14:10:27 CEST 2012

Dear list,

With a balanced spatial panel dataset, I'm trying to test for random and
spatial autocorrelation effects using bsktest in package splm.

I'm using different tests in this method, following Millo and Piras 2012.

The test CLMlambda, which tests for spatial autocorrelation under possible
random effects, works fine.
But the test CLMmu, which tests for the opposite - presence of random
effects under possible spatial autocorrelation - invariably returns:

Error in if (!balanced) stop("Estimation method unavailable for unbalanced
panels") : missing value where TRUE / FALSE needed

My code is:
bsktest.abd.9196 <- bsktest(model.abd.9196, data = rusp9196.subsvars,
index ="index", listw = wrus.knb5.lw, test="CLMmu")

Which runs fine for CLMlambda. And LM1, LM2, and LMH also work.

Looking into the code of bsktest here:
I don't even see where the test for balanced panel occurs, but what I
don't understand is that it works for CLMlambda.

If someone has an idea?

Thanks very much,

Patrick Meyfroidt

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