[R-sig-Geo] Drawing boarders strictly within region boundaries

andrewH ahoerner at rprogress.org
Fri Oct 12 19:17:16 CEST 2012

Hi Folks--
This is my first posting to this list. Glad to be here!  I am working on a
choropleth map with a large number of regions, and I would like to
distinguish three subsets of the regions with borders of different colors.
To do this, I would need to draw two distinct non-overlapping borders for
contiguous regions. 

Has anyone written a border function that draws the boarder lines strictly
within the region it borders? Failing that, could I get some pointers on how
to go about it? I’ve used several of the map packages (rgdal, ggplot2,
maps), but only in a cookbook sort of way, guided by the code posted  The
Choropleth Challenge
. I do not claim to be proficient with any of them, and have not previously
looked at the inner workings of any of the functions used to draw boarders.
(If there is no published package function that does this and it would be
easier for you to give me some code rather than telling me how to write it
myself, I would be quite content to accept it, though I might subsequently
pester you with questions about how it works).

Any help anyone could offer, either on the availability of functions in
existing packages or on the construction of a new one, would be most

Sincerely, andrewH

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