[R-sig-Geo] R package to know distances between city [or zipcode]

Antoine Lucas antoinelucas at gmail.com
Fri Jan 27 10:55:51 CET 2012

Dear All,

I have build a small package, that main object is to compute:

1. city names that are close to another city
2. city names that are close to a zipcode

I have two questions:

a. for now, dataset is french data (zipcode + city + lat,lon): I would
like someting like:


getCityNearToZipCode(1234)  => french city list

getCityNearToZipCode(1234)  => uk city list

for now, there is only one dataset that I use directly in my R functions...

b. Is this package needed, or is it redunctdant with an existing package ?


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