[R-sig-Geo] RSAGA not runing all functions under Linux Ubuntu Natty

Alberto Gomez-Tagle Gomez gomeztjr at umich.mx
Thu Oct 6 06:53:33 CEST 2011

Dear all!!

I have R-2.13.2. and SAGA up and running in Linux (Ubuntu, natty), I installed SAGA using synaptic.
I'm not a newbie in R neither GIS processing. I have been an ESRI ArcView/ArcGIS and ILWIS and Idrisi user for several years.
Now I intend to start teaching GIS at my university using open-source GIS, so far GRASS (stand alone and spgrass6) is going smooth.

I have gone through some excercises with SAGA stand alone and goes very smooth.
Nevertheless, it does not import *.asc files into SAGA
When doing so I get the next messages from the command line:

[2011-10-05/23:32:03] Executing module: Import ESRI Arc/Info Grid
Grid: [not set]
File: /home/agt/Documentos/Spatial-Analyst.net/DEM25m.asc
[2011-10-05/23:32:03] Module execution failed

Then I tried to do the same using RSAGA, and following up several excercises posted in the web for SAGA GIS (Spatial Analyst.net)  NGS.R (Geomorphometry.org).
There seems to be some sort of problem with RSAGA communicating with SAGA GIS or the import module is not working at all.
Although some SAGA modules appear to be runing right, some other seem to fail, right after downloading and unziping the files
(examples in the next lines):

> rsaga.env()
[1] "."
[1] "saga_cmd"
[1] "/usr/bin"
[1] "/usr/lib/saga"
[1] "2.0.4"

> rsaga.esri.to.sgrd(in.grids="DEM25m.asc", out.sgrd="dem25m.sgrd", in.path=getwd())

SAGA CMD 2.0.4
Load table: /home/agt/Documentos/Spatial-Analyst.net/saga.srs...
library path:	/usr/lib/saga
library name:	libio_grid
module name :	Import ESRI Arc/Info Grid
author      :	(c) 2007 by O.Conrad

Grid: [not set]
File: /home/agt/Documentos/Spatial-Analyst.net/DEM25m.asc

error: executing module [Import ESRI Arc/Info Grid]
Mensajes de aviso perdidos
comando ejecutado ''/usr/bin/saga_cmd' libio_grid 'Import ESRI Arc/Info Grid' -FILE '/home/agt/Documentos/Spatial-Analyst.net/DEM25m.asc' -GRID 'dem25m.sgrd'' tiene estatus 1

What exactly means Grid:[not set]?, Do any one have some idea on what is going wrong here?, How do I solve it?.
Did I miss something during the installation of SAGA GIS? Would it be better to install SAGA from a terminal?

Best regards

Alberto GT

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