[R-sig-Geo] Indicator kriging map creation

Matevž Pavlič matevz.pavlic at gi-zrmk.si
Mon Jul 25 22:32:06 CEST 2011

Hi Edzer, 

sorry for the long time to  reply.

>It might be annoying, and after all, it is your sole responsibility to make sure the right labels end up in the right place. R can only prevent you from making mistakes that are too obvious.

What do you think would be the best thing to do about that? Predict the classes on 3D grid? I mean, i would like to create a code that would generate maps of several classes (variing numbers of them) each depth interval. I think that prediction on 3D grid would be the right thing?

>Not so likely; I think it comes with simple kriging -- rare classes often show weak autocorrelation, resulting in low estimates everywhere.
>Without having seen your data, I suspect your classes 9 and 10 are like that.

Attached are the co-variograms of ten classes. As i can see there are few classes (devet=level 10 , osem=level 9...) that have nugget (pure nugget effect). This is probably because there are only a few point with that class in the area :

devet   dva   ena   nic  osem   pet sedem   set stiri   tri 
    5    50    85   209     3     7    83    71    49    89

Is there a way to fix this without discarding this classes?


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