[R-sig-Geo] Is latest Rgdal support spatialite

Roger Bivand Roger.Bivand at nhh.no
Tue Jan 12 11:35:15 CET 2010

On Tue, 12 Jan 2010, Noli Sicad wrote:

> Hi,
> Anybody know, if the latest update (3 January 2010) of Rgdal supports
> spatialite - GDAL 1.7.0?

I'm afraid that your question is not precise. The rgdal package supports 
all the GDAL raster and OGR vector drivers supported in the DLL/shared 
object for GDAL on your system. This version is reported when the rgdal 
package is loaded. On systems other than Windows using the CRAN binary 
package, this may be chosen by the user - it has nothing to do with the 
rgdal package. The gdalDrivers() and ogrDrivers() functions report which 
drivers are supported in the installed GDAL/OGR DLL.

If you mean the rgdal Windows CRAN binary package, then the current 
version of GDAL is 1.6.3. Note that 1.7.0 has not been released, and is 
expected by the beginning of February - as your later posting reports. In 
any case, we depend on the goodwill of Uwe Ligges to make it possible to 
provide the binary package, which should have as few external dependencies 
as possible. The driver you ask about has external dependencies, so will 
not be considered for the CRAN Windows binary. See

file.show(system.file("README.windows", package="rgdal"))

for other build options, for example against the Windows FWTools 
distribution of GDAL. See also the SQLiteMap package for a feasible 
alternative not using GDAL/OGR drivers.

Hope this is sufficiently clear,


> Thanks. Noli
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~`
> http://www.gdal.org/ogr/drv_sqlite.html
> from the site.
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> Using the SpatiaLite library (Spatial extension for SQLite)
> (Starting with GDAL 1.7.0)
> The SQLite driver can read and write SpatiaLite databases without
> needing to load the SpatiaLite library. But if you configure GDAL/OGR
> with explicit linking to SpatiaLite library (version >= 2.3), you can
> take advantage of all the extension functions provided by this
> library, such as spatial indexes, spatial functions, etc...
> A few examples :
> # Duplicate the sample database provided with SpatiaLite (does not
> need explicit linking with SpatiaLite)
> ogr2ogr -f SQLite testspatialite.sqlite test-2.3.sqlite  -dsco SPATIALITE=YES
> # Add a spatial index on the geometry column of the Towns table (needs
> explicit linking with SpatiaLite)
> ogrinfo testspatialite.sqlite -sql "SELECT CreateSpatialIndex('Towns',
> 'geometry')"
> # Make a request with a spatial filter (needs explicit linking with SpatiaLite)
> ogrinfo testspatialite.sqlite \
>     -sql "SELECT Name, asText(geometry) FROM Towns WHERE
> MBRWithin(geometry, BuildMBR(754000, 4692000, 770000, 4924000))"
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