[R-sig-Geo] rgdal from kyngchaos: Error in get(Info[i, 1], envir = env) :

Agustin Lobo alobolistas at gmail.com
Fri Dec 24 10:21:58 CET 2010

After having installed GDAL from
and downloading
I install rgdal and get:

> install.packages("/Users/agustinlobo/Downloads/rgdal/rgdal_0.6-29.tgz")
inferring 'repos = NULL' from the file name
> require(rgdal)
Loading required package: rgdal
Error in get(Info[i, 1], envir = env) :
  no se puede asignar un bloque de memoria de tamaño 2.2 Gb

(== cannot assign a memory block of size 2.2 Gb)

Is this a particular problem in this computer? Any fix?

(BTW, cannot find how to get these messages in English)


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