[R-sig-Geo] [Soc] GRASS module for kriging - call for users [was: R-sig-Geo Digest, Vol 69, Issue 21]

Anne Ghisla Insubriae a.ghisla at studenti.uninsubria.it
Thu May 28 10:21:57 CEST 2009

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Dylan Beaudette ha scritto:
> Hi. It is alway nice to see people working GRASS SoC projects, thank you!
> I would just add-- I think that all efforts to build onto existing
> libraries would be a good thing. That is to say, try and work with
> GRASS-R-gstat: this is by far one of the best implementations of
> geostatistics available. Paul's automap would be another likely
> candidate .

Hi Dylan, and sorry for late response,

there are two packages that provide kriging in R, and the discussion in
this thread leads to use one of them to avoid the differences in results
coming from implementation differences. On your advice I'll choose gstat
and automap, even if geoR looked very complete.
Maybe I could offer the user the choice bteween the two packages, in a
2.x release of the plugin. This could allow R users keep using their
preferred algorithms, what do you think?

> The real problem with a single GRASS module for 'kriging' is that the
> operation requires careful thought and familiarity with the data-- not
> really something that can be easily generalized to the conceptual
> basis of a single GRASS module. Perhaps asking Edzer about room for
> user-interface improvements in the gstat code would yield some good
> starting points.

Good - I'll ask him soon.

> Cheers,
> Dylan


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