[R-sig-Geo] Close Spatial Lines into a Polygon

Rodrigo Aluizio r.aluizio at gmail.com
Wed Dec 30 17:38:16 CET 2009

Hi Sig list, I’m really new representing spatial data, but I’m already able
to create excellent maps using sp, maptools and mapdata packages. 

Anyway, I have a SpatialLines object (attached) which I would like to
“close” and turn it into a SpatialPolygon, so I can fill it with a color.
The object already posses some closed lines (islands) but the entire area is
wide open.  To make things easier it could be closed at the ocean side
(right side, if plotted), so there will be no need to deal with the open and
closed areas. This “closure” may be done as the coast line was and
hypotenuse of a rectangular triangle.


Is there a way to do so? I was looking for something similar to that in the
R site search, but I didn’t found a total match with my issue, or maybe I’m
too new to that, so I wasn’t even able to recognize a solution J.


Thank you for your attention and sorry if the question was already answered.



MSc.  <mailto:r.aluizio at gmail.com> Rodrigo Aluizio

Centro de Estudos do Mar/UFPR
Laboratório de Micropaleontologia

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