[R-sig-Geo] Resent: colorkey: Placement of labels and ticks in center positions of "color key" of a levelplot ?

Zia Ahmed zua3 at cornell.edu
Wed Dec 23 21:54:43 CET 2009

Is it possible to place  labels  and ticks  in center positions of each 
cut of  "color key" of levelplot ? Here is my code that I used to 
produce a map (see attachment). The two  labels and ticks  were  placed  
in  left  sides each segment of the color key. I want to show them 
center of the cuts.
Help will be appreciated.


windows(width=4, height=5)
jpeg( file="/////Fig_1.jpg",
units = "px", pointsize = 12, quality = 75, bg = "white",
res = NA, restoreConsole = TRUE)

levelplot(ffreq~x+y, aspect="iso",
            xlab=list("E (m)",cex=.6), ylab="N (m)",
            scales=list(y=list(draw=T,cex=.7,rot=90, tck= 
.35),x=list(draw=T, cex=.7,tck= .35)),
             colorkey = list(space="right",tick.number=1,height=1, 
             labels = list(at = seq(1,2,length=2),cex=.7,rot=90,
             lab = c("annual", "2-5 years"))),
# I want place above labels center of each cuts of colorkey"
             panel = function(...) {
             panel.grid(h=-1, v=-1, col="darkgrey")
                 }, )
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