[R-sig-Geo] spplot : varying dots for multiple parameters

Torleif Markussen Lunde torleif.lunde at cih.uib.no
Thu Dec 17 11:21:54 CET 2009

In that case I would produce:

print(spplot(Insitu_sp, "SPM", parameters as suggested earlier))

print(spplot(Insitu_sp, "Si", etc))

and edit (move legends etc) in Incscape or some other post editing software. 
That would be the fastest way to do this (and not trying to get a different 
legend for each plot). One of the good things about lattice is that it makes 
graphs comparable.

Best wishes

On Thursday 17 December 2009 10:43:09 servet ahmet çizmeli wrote:
> Wow this list is awesome. I have been in lists for a longtime but never saw
>  such a good intentioned support in any other place.
> Thanks Torleif and everyone else for taking time and producing code for me.
> Torleif's code creates maps that are close to what I seek to reproduce. 
>  The normalization performed in the code creates a visually nice look but
>  it unfortunately eliminates the absolute measurement units that I need to
>  convey in the maps.
> So the only thing that is left to achieve here is to produce different dot
>  sizes (and accordingly different keys) for each panel. I am right now
>  actively looking in this direction. Earlier in the thread, Edzer had said
>  I could achieve this using using xyplot but Roger had replied it is not
>  possible so I am a bit perplex now. I am experimenting this with a call to
>  sp.points via sp.layout but no luck so far :
> pts <- list("sp.points", Insitu_sp, pch = 4, col = "red")
> my.layout <- list(pts)
> spplot(Insitu_sp, dataset, pch = 16,
>          sp.layout = my.layout)
> Do you people think there is a way to achieve this using either of spplot
>  or xyplot? If the answer is no, I'll have to stick to bubble() and
>  populate the different panels manually.

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