[R-sig-Geo] Making web-repository of gridded maps: NetCDF or WKT Raster?

Miguel Eduardo Gil Biraud miguel.gil.biraud at ieee.org
Mon Dec 14 18:35:19 CET 2009


not that I understand everything that you want to do, but I would
think that to define how the users access the processing capabilities
in the server you can use WPS from the OGC.


My 2 cents,

On Mon, Dec 14, 2009 at 18:21, Servet Ahmet Cizmeli
<sa.cizmeli at usherbrooke.ca> wrote:
> Hello,
> I had done a similar design in my head a while ago too. Looking at your
> message, I don't quite get how you would place Geoserver (or Mapserver)
> operating in parallel with OpenDAP. Is there a data format that is
> supported by both? To my knowledge, no... If I am outdated, I would
> definitely be interested in knowing more about it.
> Opendap nicely supports n-dimensional arrays through netcdf. To my
> knowledge, however, geoserver does not. So you may have to stick with
> OpenDAP, but regretfully loose support for interoperability through OGC
> standarts.
> What is your target user profile? Scientists who will
> visualize/get/process/update the data? Or simple GIS users who would only
> visualize/query? I guess OpenDAP is more suitable for the former while
> GEOSERVER, the latter type of users.
> Assuming that my knowledge on the subject is up-to-date, possible solutions
> would be to write an WMS/WFS output driver to OpenDAP and offer users a
> full set of possible choices
> The server-side processing could always be performed by R who would somehow
> accept input from web in an URL formed by the JavaScript OpenLayers client.
> I am sure this is technically possible but I am not proficient enough in R
> to be able to say how ;o(
> I have always dreamt of an OpenDAP client for R (similar to the Matlab
> client). If we had one, scientists on the client-side could ALSO get the
> data from the R command-line and process it at their will.
> This is a very interesting subject. please keep us updated.
> Servet
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