[R-sig-Geo] Reading and writing large GRASS images

Ned Horning horning at amnh.org
Sun Apr 26 09:48:15 CEST 2009

Hi -

Is it possible to write large GRASS raster files one line at a time in 
R? I can do this using GeoTiff and the Raster package (writeRaster) but 
I don't think GDAL supports the creation of GRASS rasters.

I'm currently using GeoTIFF and that works fine but it's a bit 
cumbersome since it involves using a few different packages to do my 
work and that means converting between formats more than I would like. 
For example, I use OSSIM to create large BigTIFF mosaics, QGIS to 
digitize training areas and evaluate classification results, GRASS to 
create colored images of my classified map, and R for random forest 
image classification. It might be easier if I can manage everything from 


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