[R-sig-Geo] export .sgrd in tif with R+SAGA

Tomislav Hengl T.Hengl at uva.nl
Fri Oct 24 09:49:18 CEST 2008

Yes, you can export sgrd to geoTIFFs via the "io_grid_gdal" module:

> library(RSAGA)
> rsaga.get.modules("io_grid_gdal")
  code                              name interactive
1    0            Import Raster via GDAL       FALSE
2    1            Export Raster via GDAL       FALSE
3    2 Export Raster to GeoTIFF via GDAL       FALSE

> rsaga.get.usage("io_grid_gdal", 2)
SAGA CMD 2.0.3
library path:   C:/Progra~1/saga_vc/modules
library name:   io_grid_gdal
module name :   Export Raster to GeoTIFF via GDAL
Usage: 2 -GRIDS <str> [-FILE <str>]
  -GRIDS:<str>  Grid(s)
        Grid list (input)
  -FILE:<str>   File
        File path  

But it seems that you can not control much about that geoTIFFs, hence I would instead recommend
converting the sgrd files to ascii format, and then directly converting them to geoTIFF using the
GDAL binaries (DOS prompt; http://www.gdal.org/gdal_translate.html) e.g.:

gdal_translate '-of' GTiff 'landsat1.asc' 'landsat1.tif'

Unfortunately, SAGA GRID format is not registered at GDAL (maybe you should push this issue? try to
write to Olaf Conrad), so that you will always need to first convert to some other GDAL-recognized
format before you can do any conversion.

Another alternative would be to read the SAGA grid format directly to R, e.g. using the readBin
method (https://stat.ethz.ch/pipermail/r-sig-geo/2008-January/003079.html). But I do not really know
the structure of the SAGA sgrd format, so I do not know how to set the parameters. 

Maybe Alex has more info?


Tom Hengl

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Hi All,


Is It possible export a .sgrd grid in .tif image with R+SAGA?





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