[R-sig-Geo] Virtual Machine with R packages

Jorge de Jesus jorge.de-jesus at jrc.it
Tue Oct 7 16:32:40 CEST 2008

Hi to all

In a previous post I gave a link to a website that hosts a VMware
virtual machine with GIS software using Ubuntu as distribution, I was
thinking that this virtual machine had R installed but I was

So I have downloaded the virtual machine and installed R-2.6.0  with the
libraries necessary to run the examples used in the book "Applied
Spatial Analysis with R", only the packages RSAGA and BRugs were left
out, because they can't be installed in a Linux distribution .

The virtual machine also has TerraLib, Rpy and Python IDE Eric.

The virtual machine is in a compressed file with 1.7Gigas, and it is
stored in a public place, with login/password access, if anyone needs
the virtual machine I will send a login/password and URL


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