[R-sig-Geo] Changing colour gradient in Spatstat surface plot

Mulholland, Tom Tom.Mulholland at dpi.wa.gov.au
Thu May 1 04:14:09 CEST 2008

# Rogers suggestion was 

bl5 <- brewer.pal(5, "Blues")
mypal <- colorRampPalette(bl5)

# but he was saying any method of getting a list of colours is OK

# then your example
       Z <- smooth.ppp(longleaf)
       par(mfrow = c(2,2))
       plot(Z, col=rev(mypal(256))) 
       plot(Z, col = colorRampPalette(c("lightblue","navy"))(256))  
       plot(Z, col = rainbow(256)) 

When Roger noted they were hard-coded he meant that the function
topo.colors and others are standard. Adrian was just pointing out that
his function is not hard coded to those functions and that you can use
any other function.


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Thanks for the reply

> Here is an example of the whole process, starting from a marked point 
> pattern and finishing with a colour image:
>       library(spatstat)
>       data(longleaf)
>       Z <- smooth.ppp(longleaf)
>       plot(Z)
>       plot(Z, col=topo.colors(256))

This is what I did, but I couldn't find, and still can't find,   
anything in the help for plot.im or topo,colors that explains how to
change the colours to graduated blue, am  being really dim here.

However, in another post it was suggested I use rColorbrewer to set up
the colours , but it worries me that I cannot find the bit in the help
you have sent me to.

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