[R-sig-Geo] package for bidimemsional regression

Ashton Shortridge ashton at msu.edu
Wed Jul 16 16:17:21 CEST 2008

Hi Marco,

I'm no expert on this area, but a quick read indicates that this refers to a 
variety of approaches. One main point is that Tobler and others suggest that 
the regression is separable into two functions. That is, the goal is to 
determine the mapping of a set of (x,y) into a set of (u,v), and these can be 
u = f(x,y)
v = g(u,v)

This is a standard problem in rectification, and depending on what assumptions 
you are willing to make (e.g. are f and g independent? Is the relationship 
linear?) a wide array of methods present themselves. The Tobler paper(s) and 
others identify a number of these.

I thought the Friedman & Kohler paper (Psych Methods 8(4) 468-491) was very 
clear on some implementation issues; if you are somewhat comfortable with 
matrices and R scripting you can probably develop this pretty quickly 

The Friedman & Kohler paper is here:


Ashton Shortridge
Michigan State University

On Wednesday 16 July 2008, Marco Helbich wrote:
> Dear list,
> Is there a package available, which computes the "bidimemsional
> regression"? For literature see e.g.
> Tobler, W: Bidimensional Regression, Geographical Analysis, 26: 186-212.
> Friedman, A; Kohler, B 2003: Bidimensional regression: A method for
> assessing the configural similarity of cognitive maps and other
> two-dimensional data. Psychological Methods, B, 468-491
> I appreciate every hint!
> Best regards
> Marco Helbich
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