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On Mon, 26 Nov 2007, Stan Hopkins wrote:

> I was just about ready to option out of this sig group as being too when the
> last few of questions and answers were posted perhaps by beginners like
> myself.
> I wonder if there's any way to separate newbie questions from the more
> advanced so that my mailbox isn't flooded with the later.

This has been asked on the R-help list several times, with the general 
result that the current mixture of less and more experienced users being 
more beneficial for both than any alternative. The R wiki is also 
well-nigh moribund, for the same reasons (briefly that some posts by 
users with less experience are really high quality - point up a real 
issue, and attract the attention of more experienced users.

So the differences in experience are seen as a good thing for the R 
project as a whole. Very little of the traffic on this list is as 
difficult as R-devel, which involved system changes and compiled code, and 
much good advice offered here is contributed by users who, until recently, 
would have fell that they did not have much experience (at least with 
R-like things).

The R lists can be subscribed to in digest mode, and can be accessed via 
nabble and gmane too. So there are options. Offers to contribute new text 
to the Rgeo site and to the Spatial Task View will be welcomed - there is 
room for improvement in both that I'm aware of but cannot carry out for 
lack of time - any offers?

Thank you for your patience so far! One of the best kinds of contribution 
that can be made is good comments and questions!


> Thanks,
> Stan
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>> Dear Paulo,
>> I completely agree about SAGA. I have been monitoring the evolution of
>> SAGA (or better to say of
>> Olaf Conrad) for quite some time. It is definitively one of the most
>> extensive packages to analyze
>> DEMs, but also to do various grid computing (including geostatistics; see
>> also my lecture notes
>> down-below).
>> I would be very much interested to see your R code-examples where you call
>> SAGA operations. Olaf
>> told me that this functionality is still under construction (at least no
>> instruction exists yet).
>> all the best,
>> Tom Hengl
>> http://spatial-analyst.net
>> Hengl, T., 2007. A Practical Guide to Geostatistical Mapping of
>> Environmental Variables. EUR 22904
>> EN Scientific and Technical Research series, Office for Official
>> Publications of the European
>> Communities, Luxemburg, 143 pp.
>> http://eusoils.jrc.it/ESDB_Archive/eusoils_docs/other/EUR22904en.pdf
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>> Hi Tom,
>> In addition to the (very useful) earlier posts, I would like to point
>> out SAGA GIS. It is a very good GIS software (and freeware / open
>> source), especially for grid analyses. It has a command line version,
>> which together with the ability of R to  invoke system commands using
>> either 'Shell' or 'system' makes it fairly easy to do the typical GIS
>> work in SAGA, and carry out other analyses in R, all from within R. With
>> the recent release of the RSAGA package for R this has become
>> considerably easier.
>> The documentation for SAGA is somewhat poor, but there are two very
>> useful user guides available. See the SAGA website
>> (http://www.saga-gis.uni-goettingen.de/html/index.php) for links. See
>> CRAN for the RSAGA package.
>> Paulo
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