[R-sig-Geo] Can voronoi polygons calculated in R be converted to ESRI shapefile?

Rick Reeves reeves at nceas.ucsb.edu
Thu Nov 15 22:48:47 CET 2007


The script that I had written before used the older, deprecated  
to create a shapefile from the tripack() voronoi polygons.
Here is an example, based on the answer to your message from Roger Bivand,
that demonstrates the technique  -
Rick R
# example from the 'tripack' package documentation
voronoiShapefile <- function()
   tritest.vm <- voronoi.mosaic(tritest$x,tritest$y) 
   tritest.vp <- voronoi.polygons(tritest.vm)

   polys <- vector(mode="list", length=length(tritest.vp))
   for (i in seq(along=polys))
      pcrds <- cbind(tritest.vp[[8]][,1],tritest.vp[[8]][,2] )
      pcrds <- rbind(pcrds, pcrds[1,])
      polys[[i]] <- Polygons(list(Polygon(pcrds)), ID=as.character(i))
   SP <- SpatialPolygons(polys) # 8 spatial polygons generated using 
# Generate the SpatialPolygonsDataFrame object. For the purposes of this 
# we use the last 8 points in the input point dataset as the data 
component of the data frame.
# You will probably have 'actual' attribute data to assign to each 
polygon. See data.frame documentation
   SPDF <- SpatialPolygonsDataFrame(SP, 
row.names=sapply(slot(SP, "polygons"),
slot(x, "ID"))))
   Areas <- sapply(slot(SP, "polygons"), function(x) slot(x, "area"))
   print(fivenum(Areas), digits=8)
   print(sort(Areas), digits=8)
   SPDF1 <- SPDF[Areas < 0.866027,]

   plot(SPDF1, axes=TRUE, xlim=c(1,10), ylim=c(1,10))
   writePolyShape(SPDF1, "hex")

Debarchaa Ghosh wrote:
> Hi Rick,
> Thanks for your help. I'll be looking forward to your script.
> Thanks,
> Debs.
> Rick Reeves wrote:
>> Hello Debs:
>> Yes, this can be done by 'promoting' the polygons generated by the 
>> tripack package
>> into Spatial Polygon Data Frame objects, using the maptools and sp 
>> packages. I have
>> an example R script, written a few years ago, that does this with an 
>> older version of
>> the sp package. I suspect that it is easier to do now.....I could 
>> clean it up and send it to you..
>> Regards,
>> Rick Reeves
>> Debarchana Ghosh wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> I have a point data frame with X and Y coordinates, where n=1051. I am
>>> trying to create Voronoi polygons using both the Tripack and PBSMapping
>>> packages.
>>> library(tripack)
>>> testbird.vm<-voronoi.mosaic(testbird$X, testbird$Y)
>>> testbird.vp<-voronoi.polygons(testbird.vm)
>>> plot(testbird.vp)
>>> library(PBSMapping)
>>> testbirdvor<-calcVoronoi(testbird)
>>>> >From here how can I create an ESRI shapefile of the voronoi 
>>>> polygons in R
>>> and export to ArcGIS for further use.
>>> Thanks for the help,
>>> Debs.
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