[R-sig-Geo] convUL: wrong for Southern hemisphere

Agustin Lobo Agustin.Lobo at ija.csic.es
Sat Nov 3 13:17:02 CET 2007

Dear list,

For negative latitudes (Southern hemisphere), convUL yields negative UTM 
coordinates as
for Northern hemisphere, instead of positive UTMY coordinates for the
South.  I don't see any option for modifying this behavior, is it?
The same is true for spTransform, can't fnd the way of stating that
the utm zone is in the Southern hemisphere (which should not be
required, because of the negative latitude)
spTransform(tomas1sp, CRS("+proj=utm +zone=19 +ellps=WGS84"))
yields negative UTMY coordinates and
spTransform(tomas1sp, CRS("+proj=utm +zone=-19 +ellps=WGS84"))
an error


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