[R-sig-Geo] Image J and R compatability

Andrew Niccolai andrew.niccolai at yale.edu
Wed Mar 14 15:13:44 CET 2007

Hi.  I have written a few macros in Image J that allows me to output a
series of summary statistics after calling the "Analyze Particles" function
to run over a series of .tiff images that R created.  

My questions are the following:
1). Aside from Zooplankton software, is there a way within R to call for
ImageJ software to open and then execute the ImageJ macro.  I suppose I
would be willing to leave ImageJ open if I can have R "run" the macro.

2). Is there any R equivalent to ImageJ's Analyze Particles function? (This
function essentially finds the edges of pixel values above a certain
threshold and creates polygons around these isolated clusters).

Thanks for any assistance!

Andrew Niccolai
Doctoral Candidate
Yale School of Forestry

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