[R-sig-Geo] graph plotting from spatialgriddataframe

Schmitt Thierry thierry_schmitt at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 13 22:45:55 CET 2007

Following my question about comparing vectors and raster data, I would be keen on getting more insights.

Here are the fact:

I have converted the vector file (interpretation from underwater camera) to be compared with the raster file (morphometric classification from a multibeam sonar survey) using v.to.rast
Using Mapcalc I have extracted grid cells from the multibeam raster along the resulting v.to.rast "transect".
Both datasets were then imported in R using readRast6

My main aim now is simply to plot on 2d graph each variable and then compute a regression.

If any body can put me on tracks (i.e. suggesting the function to use), it will be more than welcome.

Regards and thanks to the GRASS / R community.


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