[R-sig-Geo] GRASS with R and distances between polygon edges

Duncan Golicher dgoliche at sclc.ecosur.mx
Mon Oct 30 18:32:14 CET 2006

White.Denis at epamail.epa.gov wrote:

> Or, write a program/function
>to do the search:  for each polygon, find the minimum distance between
>all of its vertices and all of the vertices of each other polygon.
I thought of that, but was too lazy to start doing it.

>However, this algorithm does not work well with two polygons like this:
>|                     |
>           /\
>          /  \
>         /____\

>A buffering approach would do better.
Thanks for this Dennis.  I found morphology in adehabitat does what we 
needed through erosion or dilation. Good to know that there isn't 
another simple way that we overlooked.


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