[R-sig-Geo] incorporating spatial autocorrelation (getting started)

Jeffrey Stratford stratja at auburn.edu
Sat Oct 28 21:06:39 CEST 2006

Hi.  I would like to incorporate spatial autocorreation into some
ecological models and I'm overwhelmed by the number of programs out
there and I would appreciate some advice where I can get started (and
maybe finish!).

The study: I surveyed birds along roads every 0.8 km and each point was
georeferenced.  I clipped buffers from satellite imagery to quantify the
proportion of cover around each point (radii of buffers = 90, 210, 990
m).  I submitted a paper where I linked the number of species at a point
to land use variables but this manuscript was rejected because I did not
incorporate spatial autocorrelation.  I'm unfamiliar with spatial
statistics so I'll be reading Cressie and others but I would like to
start tinkering with the data and methods. 

Many thanks,


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