[R-sig-Geo] ? model evaluation error

Brian Rubineau brubineau at sloan.mit.edu
Thu Jun 8 21:28:59 CEST 2006

Dear spdep sages,
I am a new R user, and very new spdep user, and am receiving
an error message (below) that to me is inscrutable.

Error in if (attr(vlist, "mode") != "binary") stop("Not yet able to subset
general weights lists") :
        argument is of length zero

I'm trying to estimate a model where the network
effects are in disturbances to the errors.

my command line looks so:

(my network has some nodes without neighbors, and my predictor_vars have some
NAs - but the model formula runs fine within lm() .)

I tried the same arguments for lagsarlm() and received the exact same error.
I've looked through the spdep manual, and all I can find is that
"mode" can be an argument in a "vector()" command, but do not know
how this relates to my specification of my model.

I'm attaching my listw type list, in case this is of help.
Thank you for your assistance,


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