[R-sig-Geo] installing rgdal on Ubuntu 6.10

Paolo Cavallini cavallini at faunalia.it
Sun Dec 17 08:30:54 CET 2006

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No, I was talking about debian testing. It is the most updated
distribution for GIS. I do not know much about the far past, but all
current packages are in *very* good shape, up to date, and have been
this way in the last couple of years (thanks to the DebianGIS project).
Anyway, we don't want to start a flame war, don't we? I was just
suggesting the easiest way to get recent packages through a single command.
Tim Keitt ha scritto:
> You mean Ubuntu lags behind Debian unstable. Debian unstable is constantly
> being updated. This is either a good thing or a bad thing depending on your
> perspective. I ran Debian unstable for several years and believe me the
> quality of Debian packaging varies a lot. Most Debian devs are quite good,
> but some are downright sloppy. YMMV. If you want a super stable
> distribution, Debian stable is great, but tends to lag a couple of years
> behind current development. Ubuntu snapshots Debian unstable twice a year
> and cleans up the mess. You can track the development version of Ubuntu if
> you want and it will get you closer to Debian unstable, but with possibly
> more breakage.
> I've not had any problem with GIS on Ubuntu except interfacing with CRAN.
> The problem is CRAN is on a rolling update model without any policy about
> backward compatibility.  (A little like Gentoo, which I also like, but can
> be very very messy). I think the R community needs to start thinking about
> having stable/unstable branches with a 6 month changeover cycle.
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