[R-sig-Geo] Help with the Kmeasure function from the Spatstat package

Virgilio Gómez-Rubio v.gomezrubio at imperial.ac.uk
Wed Dec 6 13:33:51 CET 2006

Dear Debarchana,

I think that you could check any of the good books about point patterns
that there are currently out there. Diggle (2003), for example,
describes what you ask and most of the examples in the book can be
reproduced using package Splancs. Check  manual page of function mse2d
and references (in Splancs) as well.

> I'm doing exploratory point pattern data analysis with 285 points in a
> irregular polygon. I'm really exploring and hence trying out all possible
> clustering functions on a single data set. In the 'Kmeasure' function, one
> of the arguments that the user needs to be supplied is the 'sigma', which is
> standard deviation of the isotropic Gaussian smoothing kernel. I don't know
> how to compute that or which function to use to compute that value.

Best regards,


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