[R-sig-Geo] missing changelog in maptools 0.4.11

Susumu Tanimura stanimura-ngs at umin.ac.jp
Tue Feb 22 11:43:38 CET 2005

Dear Roger Bivand

Thanks for your replay.

> Thanks for keeping me alert! The entry is: "Adding checks for length()  
> being zero", so no changes to functionality. The problem is that when
> length(x) is 0, 1:0 produces indices for the loop for (i in
> 1:length(x)), but should omit the loop if length(x) is 0. 0.4-12 will be
> coming soon, and will have the required information in the changes file.

O.K. Understood.

As for the new plotting approach, since my knowledge of data
structure in polygons and shapefile is too poor to understand it
(there are so many unclear points), I cannot help you.  Hope other
members in this list provide valuable suggestion.

Susumu Tanimura
Dept. of Socio-environmental Medicine
Inst. of Tropical Medicine, Nagasaki University

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