[R-sig-Geo] missing changelog in maptools 0.4.11

Susumu Tanimura stanimura-ngs at umin.ac.jp
Tue Feb 22 08:54:57 CET 2005

Dear Roger Bivand

Since I noticed a new version of maptools, I upgraded the maptools and then 
checked the changelog.

> maptools(changes=T)
maptools, version 0.4-11, 2005-01-17
0.4-10 Function write.linelistShape() added to output a list of lines to a 
0.4-10 shapefile, as suggested by Patrick Giraudoux.

So, no changelog of version 0.4.11 was given.  It is nice if you show
us the change.

Susumu Tanimura
Dept. of Socio-environmental Medicine
Inst. of Tropical Medicine, Nagasaki University

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