[R-sig-Geo] Back-transformation of Beta in geoR

Ruben Roa RRoa at fisheries.gov.fk
Fri Feb 18 12:33:56 CET 2005


I am interested in back-transforming the mle of parameter Beta
and its variance when the Lambda parameter of the Box-Cox 
transformation has been estimated and its estimate is not 0 nor 
Is this back-transformation equivalent to simply averaging over
a fine grid inside the polygon containing the predictions of, say
krige.conv (given that geoR back-transform when kriging=
For example
where krig.object has been obtained by using a likfit
object as argument in krige.control, and N is the number of nodes 
in the grid (a big number).
The questions are, 
1) is alpha aproximately equal to the back-
transformation of the mle of Beta?
2) is salpha aproximately equal to the 'standard
error' of the back-transformation of the mle of Beta?


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