[R-sig-Geo] Re: [R] writing polygons/segments to shapefiles (.shp) or other A rcGIS compatible file

Nicholas Lewin-Koh nikko at hailmail.net
Mon Mar 1 02:05:05 CET 2004

Hi again,
I took a look at maptools code and shapelib last night. It should not be
hard to modify to create and write 
shapefiles. I think I never developed it in maptools because I never
really thought of R as
being suitable for editing maps. I thought R would be very suitable for
designing cartographic dispays for 
statistical purposes. 

That said, If I can get it working in an evening or two I will submit it
to Roger for inclusion in maptools.
Do any of the other geo interfaces in development write map formats? Eg
the Rgdal interface?


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