[R-sig-Geo] RGDAl & Map Algebra or Cartographic Modelling

Roger Bivand Roger.Bivand at nhh.no
Sat Jan 17 12:36:11 CET 2004

> Hi.
>  Against images imported by RGDAL, can R execute Tomlin's Map Algebra
> or
> Cartographic
> Modelling(http://mutate.echiron.com/doc_center/library/pcraster/x30.htm)?

Cell by cell operations would work, because then you don't need to know
where you are. Any other operations do need to know, and wouldn't work
without functions being written. Maybe these are best handled in GIS - you
refer to PCRaster, which is downloadable, although closed source, for
Windows. GRASS is a cross-platform alternative, and its r.mapcalc gets you
a long way - my choice would be to write a wrapper to convert the image to
the structure needed to output to a GRASS raster, and do the work there.
Perhaps it would help to be able to create a new GRASS LOCATION from
within R running within GRASS?


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