[R-sig-Geo] Standard Geo-Spatial Format for R

Edzer J. Pebesma e.pebesma at geog.uu.nl
Mon Nov 17 11:16:16 CET 2003

Barry Rowlingson wrote:

> Roger Bivand wrote:
>>> I have a plan to create R interface Package for Refraction's "nice" 
>>> GOES.
>> Thanks for bringing this up, I agree that GEOS is worth following up, 
>> and would be very useful if matched to the SpatialCls package.
>  What exactly is "Refraction's 'nice' GOES" (or is it GEOS?)? Google 
> is no help, these terms are too common! 

Barry, see

I wondered -- is this the same library that underlies PostGIS?

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