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giovanna jona lasinio giovanna.jonalasinio at uniroma1.it
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Thanks for the explanation!

I believe it would be very useful to document at least the color coding of
plots in geoR, colors perception is very subjective, to me red is positive
and blue negative, while in the plot.xvalid the color coding is the
opposite. In the plot.geodata the spatial locations plot is color coded
without a legend, then it's a useful plot which  can be only partially

 Giovanna Jona Lasinio

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Blue corresponds to error being positive and red to error being
negative. The size of the symbols correspond to the absolute value of
the error.

Here ``error''  =  'data - predicted'.

Hope this helps.


[To Paulo : should  this and the other plots produced by this function
be documented ?]

giovanna jona lasinio wrote:

>When plotting results from a crossvalidation done via xvalid (in geoR) it
>not clear the coloring code used for the coordinate plots. Can anyone
>clarify what corresponds to each color? (red and blue in my plots).
>Giovanna Jona Lasinio
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