[R-SIG-Finance] Mothly Returns of Mutual funds

Brian G. Peterson br|@n @end|ng |rom br@verock@com
Mon Aug 5 02:21:53 CEST 2019

On Mon, 2019-08-05 at 05:17 +0530, Atul Agarawal wrote:
> I am New to R. I would like to create Mutual fund Portfolio. Can
> someone help me to understand from where I can download Monthly
> returns of Indian MF.

In the United States and most other places, I would consult with your
broker, or a service that sells that data.

> Also pls share the process document for Portfolio Optimisation and
> which R packages are required to achieve the above goal.

PortfolioAnalytics can do the optimization.  There is lots of
documentation in the package and elsewhere online.

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