[R-SIG-Finance] quantmod getOptionChain error on yahoo

Rock Pereira pere|r@_rock @end|ng |rom hotm@||@com
Fri May 3 01:58:27 CEST 2019

I have downloaded option chains daily, for over a year, using a cronjob with Rscript. But a few days ago, I got this error:


Error in data.frame(Strike = strike, Last = lastprice, Chg = change, Bid = bid, : object 'volume' not found

I'd like some help with this error. My code is below

symbols <- as.character( read.csv("list_OPTIONS.txt", header=FALSE, sep=",", stringsAsFactors = FALSE)[,1] )
options <- sapply(symbols, function(s) getOptionChain(s, Exp=NULL, src='yahoo'))
rdsFilename <- paste0("opt_", format(Sys.Date(),"%Y%m%d"), ".rds")
saveRDS(options, rdsFilename)

Rock Pereira

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