[R-SIG-Finance] [ANN] Rblpapi 0.3.10

Dirk Eddelbuettel edd @end|ng |rom deb|@n@org
Sat Apr 6 23:11:46 CEST 2019

The Rblpapi team is happy to announce version 0.3.10 of the package with a
significant enhancement contributed by Al Kanzler: bpipe support.

You can get this version from the ghrr drat repo, see


for details.

We uploaded this to CRAN four days ago; the package has no NOTE, WARNING or
ERROR apart from one NOTE about StagedInstall from R 3.6.0 we can do nothing
about given the need for the rpath linker registration of the Bloomberg API
shared library. We asked repeatedly about the status; of course we have yet
to receive as much as a single character in return.

This behaviour by CRAN is rather unsatisfying, but there is also little we
can do about it besides offering the package another way -- as we do here via
the 'ghrr' drat repo hosted on GitHub. As frustrating as it is, CRAN too is
operated by volunteers so it is what it is.

Enjoy,  Dirk

http://dirk.eddelbuettel.com | @eddelbuettel | edd using debian.org

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